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We’re focused on collaborating with you to define and solve your business problems, always adding value, so you achieve your goals. Our welcoming and inclusive team nurtures creativity, camaraderie, and opens the world of technology to everyone.

Geri Huibregtse
Geri’s passion is building teams and environments where people grow and excel. She believes product development is ubiquitous and enjoys discussing its function and evolution within startups and high-growth companies whenever she can.
Leroy Dahl
Software Engineer
LeRoy’s introduction to software development was developing a prototype for a Punch pizza mobile app. In his free time he loves to cook, play board games with friends, and explore new places.
Elle Yesnes
Product Designer
Elle comes from a graphic design background and fell into User Experience out of necessity -- she’s self-taught and learns by trial and error. She stays busy with her puppy, Goose, and learning the guitar.
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