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About Us

Apiary is a local team of digital product designers and software developers who guide you through a swift alignment + design + build process to see your ideas take shape and your business take off.

How We Work

We work with bootstrappers, makers, creators, and big thinkers. Our approach is to move efficiently—together—to be sure we’re all solving the same problem. We then organize work into tasks and sprint together. The result is a prototype, a custom website, or an application that is optimized for your business goals.

A MacBook Pro displaying a website.

Strategy Sprint

~ 2-5 days
Workshop to refine your business goals and define ideal next steps to set your company up for success.

Experience & Interaction Review

~ 5-8 days
Align on business goals and your ideal clients in order to review your website or app, and provide actionable recommendations for your customer journey.
A person sketching wireframes on an iPad.
A person tapping an app on an iPhone.

Clickable Prototyping

~ 2-3 weeks
Rapidly prototype a website or app for use in investment decks, demonstrations, and pitch opportunities.

Website Design + Build

5-8 Weeks
Intensive workshops during week 1 provide alignment of the business problem and goals, designs, and technical requirements. Structured sprints follow to design and build the website.
A MacBook Pro displaying a website.
A person tapping an app on an iPhone.

Custom App Design + Build

3-6 Months
Intensive workshops during weeks 1-2 provide alignment of business problem and goals, design and technical requirements, and success measures. Week 3 is the first prioritization session to set Version 1 requirements and the plan. Structured sprints follow to monitor, design, build, and re-prioritize over the timeline of the project.
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